About Tim

I am running for Attorney General because I know I can make a difference. The Criminal Justice System is fractured due to individuals and agencies operating singularly within their space or silo. My background lends itself to being able to mend these fractures.

I am a Viet Nam Veteran, a retired Lieutenant from City of Dover Police, served eight years as the United States Marshal for the District of Delaware under President Clinton, served two years as County Attorney for New Castle Government and just recently one year as Chief Administrative Officer for New Castle County Government both under County Executive Tom Gordan. 

Most relevant is the eight years I served with the Department of Justice under Attorney General Beau Biden. More specifically, I served two years as Director of the Consumer Protection Unit. I was brought on to fix the unit, as it was reactionary and dysfunctional. The Unit suffered from a lack of definitive leadership. Under my leadership, Delaware emerged as just one of four states to settle with three of the nation's largest banks for their wrongful conduct in the mortgage foreclosure crisis. 

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