Every challenge the Department of Justice (DOJ) faces, is an opportunity to introduce lasting change which will ultimately improve the safety and wellbeing of each citizen of Delaware. Primarily, my focus upon being elected Attorney General (AG) includes addressing and controlling the juvenile crime rate. Wilmington in particular is plagued with an extreme violent crime pandemic and juveniles are both the victims and perpetrators of the crime wave. Based on my experience as a police officer, I know some career criminals can be identified at an early stage - as juveniles, the State can and must intervene with a range of expertly targeted programs, services, diversion options coordinated through the AG's office to include Family Court, Division of Social Services, the Public Defender's Office, school counselors, law enforcement, non-profits and the business community. Under my leadership, together with support from this wide array of agencies, we can introduce at risk juveniles to life changing support networks and encourage participation in programs designed to provide them skills to divert them from a life of crime saving and safeguarding other innocent lives in the process.